Transfer Pricing

Scope of Services

Our Tax Specialists have extensive experience in preparation of TP Doc and Benchmarking Studies for commercial, financial, and intangibles transactions of all kinds. Our Transfer Pricing services includes :

Preparation of Master File, Local File, and/ or Country-by-Country Report (CbCR). For that purposes, Our scope of work are Data Gathering (documents and related information to prepare Master File and Local File), Company and Industry Analysis, including Functional Analysis and Application of the Arm’s Length Principle.

Companies that perform similar activities as the “tested party” and (ii) establishing the arm’s length profits of the “tested party” by reference to the profitability of the companies that perform similar activities in terms of functions performed, assets employed, and risks taken.

For Benchmarking Study, we are using commercial databases. We rely on Oriana, KtMine and CUFTanalytics database, provided by Bureau van Dijk.

Robust transfer pricing
documentation is a prerequisite to represent strong arguments and reduce dispute with tax authorities.

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