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Businesses must innovate and identify more efficient ways of meeting the ever-expanding needs of today, while also tackling tomorrow’s challenges. Obviously, technology is the answer. In tax perspective, the right technology platforms can help us to reduce administration cost, reduce resources, improve process and data control, enable better planning and strategy development.

Ortax can help your business to create efficiencies using our technology, which will reduce effort and streamline compliance process.

Our Technology Solutions

Not only as a converter tool, EMS also has many excellent features that can help taxpayers to manage Tax Invoice data management such as equalization, customer analysis, vendor analysis,
making Returns and/or Cancellation Notes, and others.

Calculate Income Tax Article 21 (PPh 21) for both permanent and non-permanent employees with various subjective and objective conditions. Accommodate a variety of income/deduction components that can be adjusted to the company’s remuneration configuration.

Taxbase 6.0 holds important information that are related to taxation such as Tax Regulations database, KMK and BI Rate, Tax Treaty, E-learning, taxation article, tax forms, tax calculator and other taxation information.

Other Solutions

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